Kari Molnar

For Department Y of the Clark County Family Court

My name is Kari Molnar and I am running for Department Y of Clark County’s Family Court Division. After moving from the midwest, I began my family law practice in 2005 and have been practicing in Clark County for the last 13 years. I have been a member of the ProBono Advisory Council, and have been appointed by Clark County to represent indigent clients in abuse and neglect cases, and have been a Truancy Court Diversion Judge in the Clark County School District.

The Judge Our Families Need

My goal as a family court judge is to make sure that the best interest of all children is decided and that children are protected and safe. I intend to bring positive changes to the family court system by ensuring that each party has the opportunity to be heard; that cases are decided fairly and in the best interest of all children; that decisions and orders are made timely; and that court rules and orders are enforced.


Our County had more than 59,000 Family Court filings in 2019. Cases can sometimes last many months, or even more than a year. My vision for the bench is one in which matters are resolved quickly so that Clark County families may get on with their lives. I will balance this need to resolve matters with the need to ensure that all litigants are treated with respect, compassion, and that the rights of children are protected.

You may contact me directly to learn more. I thank you for your support.

Vision For The Bench


As a Family Court Judge, I will oversee the following types of issues:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Matters Involving Abuse

It will be my mission, as Judge for Department Y, to ensure that such matters are handled properly so people may focus on moving their lives, and their families, forward.

Issues We Face

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Don’t Forget to Vote!

I want everyone to understand how important judicial elections are and that your vote matters. Too many times people are not concerned with judicial elections until they are personally involved with the family court system. Now is your time to get to know the judicial candidates and have the choice in whom to elect for your next family court judge.

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